The Women's Institute gets a makeover

4/8/20232 min read

After the grand opening of the Women’s Institute, we need space to let our ideas, new initiatives and many future projects flourish. 

The office of the women's institute is housed in the premises of the NGO Educare India in Kangra. The institute has an independent space, shared with the Self Help Group ( SHG ) SEHAT SEVA which also promotes women empowerment through home assistance for the elderly (we will tell you more about it in a future article).

So on Saturday 8 April, it was a big clean-up and a new layout of the offices in Kangra. We dusted from floor to ceiling, chased away the spiders that were roaming around and cleaned up. The offices of the Women's Institute are now brighter and we have created space for everyone to work in peace and quiet. As well as dusting off our workspace, it is above all our minds that have been made more orderly. We can now launch ourselves at full speed into all the Institute's future projects in a clean and tidy space.

The office is not completely finished, we now need to bring life and passion to the place. One of the ideas we have is to paint a large colourful mural on one of the walls. This fresco will be completed by a woman artist because we want to promote the concept of women's art but especially to support the professional career of a woman painter. 

If you fit this criterion or if you know a woman artist, please contact us at this e-mail address:

So we are delighted to share with you the first steps of the Women's Institute! 

Some pictures of the new furniture layout: